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A really good, well written Professional Resume is vital for you to obtain a job in the current job market. We don’t believe in a one-template-fits-all structure. We personally tailor each resume to highlight your main strengths and skills in your chosen industry, making you a “must see” for any employer.

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 Career Coaching

Is your career in transition? Has your job become too boring or too stressful? Have you been retrenched? Don′t know where to begin your career? My Job Mentor can answer all these questions and more. We can help you identify the direction of your career, uncover your real strengths and qualifications and give you the confidence to go after that special job.

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My Job Mentor offers a range of workshops including DES & JSA, JSA Staff and Outplacement Workshops. Our workshops are tailored to your specific needs and can be conducted at your offices or other suitable venues. To find out more about our workshops, please contact us.

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Tara Sinclair

Introducing Tara Sinclair

Hello! Welcome to My Job Mentor. I’ve always been into assisting Jobseekers to gain their full potential both personally and professionally…after 20+ years, it’s still my passion. What can I say…

I love it! I’m good at it and nothing floats my boat more than seeing jobseekers succeed, it’s one of the most satisfying and fulfilling aspects of my career. It’s what drives me.

When you connect with me I’ll show you how to gain clarity on exactly how to achieve success, as quickly as possible.

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