I am looking for a job can you help me?

If you′re a jobseeker you′ve come to the right place! Our expert skills can help jobseekers locate and secure their next employment position.

Will it cost me to enlist your help in finding a job?

We charge very reasonable rates for our professional services. Please see our services page for our charges.

What sets My Job Mentor apart from your competitors?

My Job Mentor combines 20 years of expert industry experience with our premier personalised service. Choose from our varied range of services, which guide you every step of the way of the job application processes. You′re not on your own when you enlist our help. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and our commitment to helping you achieve your goals.

Can you tailor a package to help me find work?

Absolutely! We offer many services that will assist you in locating a job. Once you have your list of prospects prepared, we can help you pick the ones most suited to your skill set. To discuss your options, contact us to organise a consultation.

I am looking for a job in the mines. Can you help me with this?

We are experienced in securing roles across all sectors, including the mining industry. We can help you locate current vacancies and provide you with all the support you need to take the next step.

Do you guarantee job success?

Unfortunately, we are unable to control what happens with each respective employer, but we provide you with a first class opportunity for presenting yourself to employers. We have the best support services to expertly prepare you for the entire job-application process.

I am currently employed but don′t enjoy my chosen career. Can you help me find a job I like?

Career guidance is one of our specialities. We can assist you in choosing your new vocational direction.

I know how to find jobs but I′ve not received even one reply. What am I doing wrong?

The employment market is highly competitive so you must meet the correct criteria for the role and convey this effectively to the prospective employers. Cover letter, resume and experience will affect your readiness for the role in the eyes of an interviewer. Use our services to make sure you′re sending the right message.

I have been looking for a job for so long now, I′m beginning to wonder if I am unemployable. Can you help?

Yes, we can help you! We can also make you feel more confident about the process. Long-term unemployment can shatter confidence, reduce self-esteem and severely impact your attitude to finding work. Turn this stalemate around with jobseeker strategies and coaching services.

Do you offer advice on apprenticeships?

We offer advice on securing all kinds employment positions, including apprenticeships. To discuss your options call our office to talk to our friendly staff about where to start.

Do you recommend an employment agency to register with?

Yes. People First – send your resume and if their clients are looking for your skillset, you will be notified – www.peoplefirst.net.au