Career Development Coaching

Career Transition


Is your career in transition? Has your job become too boring or too stressful? Have you been retrenched? Don′t know where to begin your career? Want to change career direction, but don’t know how? With a 1:1 coaching session, My Job Mentor can answer all these questions and more.

We can help you identify the direction of your career, uncover your real strengths and qualifications and give you the confidence to go after that special job. With 20 years′ experience, Tara Sinclair – the force behind My Job Mentor – has the intuitive ability to help you find the career that is right for you. That means no more boring jobs and no more lack of direction.

So what are you waiting for? Choose My Job Mentor and we will inspire you to succeed!

“I was offered a job yesterday with a call centre, I have been offered another job today with Garry
Cricks Group…its amazing, this week everyone has come back to me and I’ve had to turn down a couple
more! The last few months I wasn’t able to get anything, and now it pours…thank you so much for all of your
coaching, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Tina Williams, Executive Personal Assistant – Sunshine Coast

Returning to the Workforce


It can be a daunting process returning to the workforce after a break. Whether you’re changing careers, a parent, mature-age, ex-government or a graduate, Tara can assist you to find the role you’re after. If you have been out of the workforce for whatever reason, it can be a struggle re-entering it successfully. Our current employment climate doesn′t make it easy. In fact “out of sight, out of mind” can be the brutality of our current market. But it doesn′t have to be that way. If you are returning to the workforce after a leave of absence, chances are you have skills and experience that will shine during the interview process.

Having helped thousands to continue or re-enter the workforce, she understands the stresses involved and will make the transition into a new career a smooth process. Call Tara now to fast track your move into a new role today!

“Thank you for your time I really do consider you as a mentor and it has been great talking to you about my career as you have been very helpful.”

Tasneem – Interior Designer & Mum – Melbourne



You have graduated, but haven’t secured a job in your industry or you see graduation looming up and don’t have a game plan? Let My Job Mentor make establishing your career and entering the workforce less stressful and more successful by utilising our Graduate Mentoring service. We can take the pressure off and help you get into a job that suits your specific needs.  Whether you know exactly the job you want, and who you’d like to work for, or you aren’t clear yet, we can support you with a game plan to make the next strategic career move.

“Just letting you know that I GOT THE JOB!!! I am SOOOO pleased and I can’t thank you enough for all your help! Thanks again.”

Simone Mortimer, Graduate Nurse – Townsville

Sourcing Jobs For You

$55 (10 Jobs)

Finding it hard to get time to jobsearch? Working shift work? Away in a remote location? Not great with computers? Or just procrastinating?! Leave the jobsearch up to Tara and she will find jobs to suit, email them to you and can even apply on your behalf. Tara seems to have the knack to find jobs that are suitable for you, no matter what industry you’re in – try it out now! Price includes resume review and phone consultation plus a jobs list sent to you each week for 4 weeks.

As a recent graduate and having limited success with the university career services I decided to take a more direct approach. Right from the get-go Tara has been very approachable and her service has been nothing short of excellent. Tara has provided invaluable advice and approaches to applying for jobs. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone – especially graduates fresh out of university looking for that first job.”

Brent Vidler, Graduate Engineer – Townsville

Monthly Ongoing Coaching

$197 (1 x 1:1 + weekly phone check in & unlimited email)

It′s true “Rome wasn′t built in a day” and the same goes for the process of finding a job. Unless you are very lucky to found employment immediately after your last position, it can be a time-consuming and stressful process. That is why My Job Mentor offers Monthly Ongoing Coaching for those who are serious about reaching their job goals sooner. Have an action planning coaching session upfront, then a weekly phone call and unlimited email access to ask questions at every step in the process.

A week can seem like a month, and waiting to hear back from jobs (or not hear back!) definitely takes it toll. Actually when experiencing a delay in finding employment, it’s common for jobseekers to feel a little isolated and can experience a range of emotions from frustration and anger, to panic & discouragement, stress, axiety or depression when they cannot find a job immediately. This can greatly impact how you go about your jobsearch (or procrastinate altogether!)

Our ongoing coaching service helps to keep you on track with encouragement and useful advice. We’ll be walking along side you all the way.

Want to know which way to go?  Contact Tara today: 0409 754 140, or complete our Contact Form and we’ll call you back!