Job Search Coaching

Personal career advice to:

  • Get clear on what jobs to go for
  • Work out a job search plan of action
  • Nail the job search process
  • Identify your marketable skills
  • Get feedback on your applications
  • Strategies for career advancement
  • Navigate course & retraining options

… and help you to get the job you’ve always wanted.

Job Search Coaching

$100 per session

Todays rough job climate can be disheartening. Jobseekers are struggling to get a response from work applications let alone get interviews. It can be discouraging and lead to reduced confidence, poor self-esteem, depression and financial stress. At My Job Mentor we understand the difficulties jobseekers experience and have developed a Job Search Coaching service to help support them throughout this process. We can advise you on where and how to look for employment, give you specific tips and advice to complement your jobsearch plan and guide you on further educational requirements and course training and provide professional advice on how to apply for work.

By choosing our Job Search Coaching service you are setting yourself up for success.

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