March 2016

24 Mar 7 things not to do at a job interview

Arrive Late, or just on time Not dress up Not smile or make eye contact Not know the details of your resume Not have done any research on the company No ask them when they are making a decision Not asking them any questions at the endHappy interviewing!Tara...

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03 Mar 7 Ways to Look for a Job Without Applying Online

There are so many places that you can look for a job:1.Networking: speak to everyone you know & make sure they know you are looking for work. No room for pride here – let others help you in the same way that you would help them out if they needed it! Have business cards (as a jobseeker) and hand them out to EVERYONE you meet! Make coffee dates with ex colleagues, relatives, friends, anyone who might be able to keep their eyes & ears open.
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