Career Coaching Services

Career Coaching to Achieve Your Career Goals

Personalised 1:1 career coaching assistance to help you to achieve your employment goals.

Who wants career coaching that is practical, personalised, realistic and supportive?

Do you want a great job? To change Careers?  To return to the workforce after a career break?

Career coaching is something that really helps you to clarify and take action.

The best career coaching helps you to work out your next career move with confidence.  Career coaching gives you someone to brainstorm with.  Someone who is objective, realistic and experienced in helping clients to navigate through their career changes with ease.

At My Job Mentor, we coach clients from all industries and all walks of life so they can identify their best career options. For example, we have assisted clients to:

  • change careers from one industry to another
  • return to work after a career break
  • enter their chosen field as a graduate
  • identify career options once leaving school
  • enter the mining sector using their trade experience
  • choose which training course to enrol in
  • work out a course of action to transition from one area to another
  • relocate interstate and enter the job market

And skilled career coaching can help you too!

Career Coaching can also clarify your next career move

Want to do better at job interviews?  Know how to apply for certain jobs? or Find out the best career development strategies in your career?

Career coaching can help you work out the best job search methods to use for your industry and beat the recruitment system.

Learn what are the biggest mistakes jobseekers make when applying for jobs.

Gain clarity on what steps you need to take to achieve your career goals.

Know how to play the long game when it comes to kicking career goals.

Our career coaching will help you get clear on what you need to do to achieve your goals and provide you a step by step process to follow which will see you succeeding in no time.

Get the edge you deserve to fast-track results. Every week you are not moving forward on your goals is another delay – life is too short to be stuck, going around in circles, or worse – going backwards!

For the last 20 years I’ve been sharing these strategies that have helped thousands of jobseekers to achieve their career goals. Whether you are returning to the workforce after a break, going after a much coveted promotion, wanting a side-ways career moves to then climb the ladder, graduating from high school or university, or just needing a little support to get unstuck – I can help you!

My experience comes from assisting people across a huge range of occupations and industries – from blue collar workers, tradespersons, mining professionals, teachers, nurses, Government workers, through to school leavers and uni graduates and corporate professionals.…..I will share the career strategies that work!

Choose which Carer Coaching Options best suit your needs or we’ll tailor a session to suit you.

Whether you are in need of Interview Skills Coaching & Practice or other Career Development Coaching, I’m certain you will be feeling more skilled, confident and achieve better results in your career. Face to face, Skype or Phone options available.

Call for a friendly chat to see how I might be able to help you on 0403 747 573 or complete a Contact Form and I’ll get in touch.