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A professional resume that is well written will get you shortlisted.

Is your professional resume getting you shortlisted, or are you sending it out only to hear crickets?!

Are you looking for a professional resume but are not really sure what you need?  Give us a call to chat about your career goals and discuss the best professional resume package for you, or send a message using the pen icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You may be new to the workforce, or have an esteemed career already behind you.  Have a chat with us and we can work out exactly what would be required for you to take the next step in your job search.

“When I called Tara, I didn’t really even know what to ask! Within a few minutes she had assessed my situation, worked out the gaps in my approach and advised on how she could assist me with a professional resume and coaching on how to achieve my career goals.  This gave me the clarity and confidence to get ahead in my career.”  Kirsten – Nursing Graduate

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Detailed Application Review

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Our Professional Resume Review Service Removes the Unknown

Have you applied for many jobs but had no luck landing an interview? Find out why so you can improve your success.

Quite often the reason you′re not being selected for a job interview with prospective employers is because something in your application is letting you down. But what is it?  Usually I can tell within 15 seconds whether your resume is hitting the mark or not.  (This is about all the time it takes a recruiter or employer to decide whether to read further also!)  Our professional resume critiquing service locates your application’s weak spots and gives you absolute clarity on how to improve it by suggesting changes you can implement yourself.  This may mean the difference between getting to the next step in the recruitment process, or not. In today’s economic climate, more than ever you need your application to stand out from the rest.  This service includes:

Review of your professional resume + application letter or a review of your social media / LinkedIn profiles

 At an affordable $100, we will review your resume, provide you with clear directions on what to change to improve your success.  (This fee is refundable should you proceed with purchasing a resume package).

“Since making adjustments on Tara’s clear recommendations, I have 2 interviews lined up and had call backs from recruitment agents.  I really appreciated receiving honest and practical feedback from someone as experienced as Tara.  I definitely recommend her services to everyone!”  Cheryl – Property Professional, Brisbane

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Recent School Leaver

Professional Resume for School Students

For school students seeking part time work, or recent school leavers applying for their first ‘real job’, we offer the full package to kick-start your career.

This package includes:

1 x professional resume for your industry

+ 1 x tailored application letter

+ Written Interview tips

By utilising the resources of a professional job mentor and resume writer you increase your chances of starting off much closer to the mark when aiming for your perfect job, even if you don’t think you have very much to put on your resume – you would be surprised! We can advise on potential industries and jobs that are both realistic and suited to your interests, tailor your resume to reflect your skills, abilities and experiences in a professional, modern and attractive document.

“I am so grateful to Tara for her professional work and assistance. She really is the kids hidden weapon. My husband was talking to someone in a business that Jarred had applied to, and he said that when Jarreds resume came across his desk it was one of the best he had ever seen. Very impressed.” Paula Rogero – Parent of two school-leavers

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(of existing resume content)

Revamp Your Existing Documents

We offer professional reformatting to turn your existing resume into a polished and professional document that puts you front of mind.

This package includes:

Resume – we edit your existing document layout and update the content

1 x generic application letter template for you to update yourself

We utilise your existing documents’ already created content in the most successful way to highlight your skills and strengths. When you are going after that new job make sure your resume isn′t peppered with flaws that you may not see, but your potential employer might. We make sure your resume reads well, has a good flow for you and your industry and showcases your talent and skills. This package includes minor content changes – adding most recent job, referees, certificates.

Best for those who need to update their current word or PDF resume.

“I have found working with Tara on my resume and Government applications to be great – very professional and patient and I would recommend her services to anyone.” Kathryn Layton, A05

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Major Overhaul

Our Most Popular Professional Resume Package!

Investing in an experienced resume writer to create your professional resume is a small outlay when compared to landing your dream role.

This package includes a professional style resume + 2 x 1 page tailored covering letters highlighting your strengths for your chosen industry.  You may choose letters to be written for advertised jobs, or an expression of interest letter. This package includes:

1 x resume major overhaul – full content & layout re-write

+ 2 x tailored application letters

+ Interview tips

Having a professionally created document elevates you above the competition by increasing your odds. It presents you in a competent and articulate manner, giving you a better chance of success. This is our most popular resume package.  We develop an effective and impressive resume that showcases your abilities and experience and emphasises your employability.  Of course, having a fantastic resume is nothing without having a cover letter that grabs the reader’s attention and actually invites them to read your resume.

Writing a CV on your own is a right pain in the proverbial, especially as I was trying to re-pitch myself after a career change.  After only two discussions, Tara managed to produce exactly the right kind of CV for my profession, which is remarkable!  Tara is very patient, easy to talk to and a great listener and I would recommend her service to anyone looking for a fresh, creative perspective.” Marcus O’Higgins, TESOL Educator

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Premium Value Package

Our Professional Resume Premium Value Package – Tailored For You

Invest in additional professional career services to give you the edge in today’s market.

This value package includes everything in the ‘Major Overhaul’ Package

PLUS your choice of TWO of the following optional extras (package valued at $700+)

  • Information on how to access the ‘hidden job market’ with 80% of Australian jobs
  • An optimised Seek profile with your documents pre-loaded (makes applying easy)
  • An online application completed, documents uploaded & applied for on your behalf
  • 2 referees contacted, verified & testimonials obtained from them
  • 2 x additional application letters written for two advertised jobs of your choice
  • Review your social media footprint with feedback provided
  • Review/Edit or Create your LinkedIn profile as 70% of employers now look for you online
  • ‘Blitz the Job Interview’ session so you feel confident at your next job interview
  • ‘Job Search Success’ session – a 1:1 tailored session and action plan
  • ‘Career Clarity’ session for those in career transition
  • 30 Days of career support via email and phone

This package includes two optional extra services to increase your chances of success and are tailored to exactly what you need.  If you include a coaching session so you can receive a qualified career guidance and job search advice that is personalised to you and your situation. There’s no point in having a fantastic resume, if you aren’t sure what to do with it.  We provide you with the best job search tips for you and your industry.

“Tara has the knowledge, experience, patience and direct honesty required to take job seekers to the next level of their jobsearch.  She achieves this through kindness and a true passion to engage others to move forward in their career.”  Betty Lappin, Manager

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